Always In My Heart

by Kayla Perrin

The three Hart sisters have been estranged for years because of an argument between Natalie and Deanna (oldest sister Callie didn’t want to choose sides). When their Aunt Jeannie, who raised them after their mother dropped them off and disappeared, dies, they reunite in Ohio for her funeral. Dealing with the death of someone so dear to them forces the sisters to confront what has kept them apart and that includes the secret that Callie, who years ago ran away to live in Florida, has kept from everyone. Losing her beloved aunt and almost losing her life in a car accident convinces Callie that she must come clean with her childhood sweetheart and let him know that he is the father to her nine-year-old son Kwame. Detective Nigel Williams is stunned to learn that he is a father and works to put aside his anger at Callie for disappearing 10 years ago and keeping his son away. He and Callie are also stunned that they still have feelings for each other, but all the secrets may just be to much to overcome.

This is the beginning of a series telling the stories of the Hart series and Always in My Heart┬áis a strong start. The hints at the disagreement between Natalie and Deanna will be interesting to read about in future books as well as the unfolding mystery behind their mother’s abandonment.

The Grass is Greener….

Living in the ‘hood has many benefits:

  • Every fast food chain is available. I can get to McDonald’s, Popeyes, Church’s, Captain D’s and Krispy Kreme in less than 5 minutes….on foot.
  • If your radio breaks down your neighbors cars will provide all the music you need. Unfortunately, you can’t pick the songs, shawty.
  • You will never sleep through New Year’s Eve because the celebratory gunfire starts early so you won’t forget. This year the first shots in my neighborhood started around 8pm this year.

And best of all:

On a random Wednesday morning, the daycare centers in the area will put on a parade, just because.

Including a princess and a marching band playing a Nelly Furtado song.

All at 10 o’clock in the morning.

We may not have a viable grocery store, but we love our children!

Sorry for the bad pictures. I was getting dressed to go to the movies and couldn’t run outside.