McCall’s 5388

So, I finally finished a sewing project. I am in the process of converting a pair of jeans into a skirt (one of my specialties) and wanted a breezy casual top to go with it. I wear a sort of casual uniform to work and just realized that I don’t have regular casual clothes to wear on my days off.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t make me look pregnant! The fabric has a nice shiny thread running through it, so it isn’t as plain as it looks.

This is a nice, blurry shot of my tags. An old roommate of mine ordered these for me about 15 years ago and I haven’t run out yet.

“Mshoni” means dressmaker in swahili (and it rhymes with Toni).
So, there you go, my first finished object (aside from the 4 scarves that I crocheted for friends) of 2008. Hopefully, the streak will continue!

Procrastination Sewing

I didn’t plan for this to happen (procrastinators always say this). I have known about this trip for 2 months and here it is the day before and I still don’t have anything special to wear. (Un)Fortunately it will be cold and rainy in New York this weekend and I can get by with jeans since I will have on a coat most of the time, but I wanted to dress up a little for the theatre (I never dress up in my real life). Yesterday I was hit with some serious cramps and nausea (at least my cycle will be out of the way – sorry male readers) and I only had enough energy to wash and twist my locs…no sewing done. Today I woke up feeling better and I found an easy McCall’s blouse pattern that will sew up quickly…I just had to go and buy it. Hancock’s is having a 99cent sale on McCall’s patterns. Off I go.

I get there early and head straight for the pattern drawers. All of the patterns that I want are new and start with the numbers 56.. However, the latest ones they have start with 55… The new patterns haven’t been put out yet! So off I go to the book to search for a comparable blouse pattern that I can still get for 99 cents. While I am looking (and not liking what I see), one of the employees comes over with a big box and starts restocking the patterns. She has the new ones!!!! I will have first pick!!!! While I wait for her to finish, I look around at fabric. I am not planning on actually buying any because:

  1. I have placed myself on punishment again and I can’t buy any more fabric until I actually complete a wearable garment.
  2. I am going on vacation tomorrow with very limited funds and I don’t want to dip into my monies.
  3. I never find any good fabric in this brokedown store anyway.

Of course I found this really cute fabric (I am a sucker for certain color combinations – and this brown/light blue is one of them) on the $2.00 table so I got 5 yards. Later the cashier tried to charge me the original $3.95 price but the cutting table lady came to my aid.

These are the patterns that I picked up:

I am making the belted version using this silk jacquard (excuse the wrinkles).

These are three scarves that I have crocheted for friends while I get back in the groove of crocheting. I hope to now move on to more ambitious projects.

Now, I am off to make my blouse!