On The Sewing Front…

Yes, I completed a garment. Yes, it was the easiest top in the world. Yes, it took me a couple months to do it – my mojo disappears as fast as it arrives. No, it doesn’t look good on me – yet. It might when I lose a few more pounds.

Vogue 8581 – Very cute. I will make the long sleeve version later on.

Even though my closet of currently wearable clothes is so empty, I had a couple of bins of items that I really loved that I couldn’t wear anymore. It’s especially hard to let go of things that I made with my very own hands, but I’ve gotten rid of some stuff. One of the dresses that was so hard to let go of was this knit dress. The knit was a cheap dollar bin fabric from Hancock’s with not much give. I lined it with tricot. I made it about 7 years ago and have never worn it, but I love it like I gave birth to it. I released it to my friend Camille, and she looks awesome in it:

It fits her perfectly and with her social life, she will get way more wear out of it than I ever will! (Excuse the wrinkles, it has been in that bin for years!)

Fashion Booksignings!

For those of you who live in the Atlanta area:

I am not allowed to blog about where I work, so if you are interested in details about the following events, leave a comment and I will e-mail you.
The store where I work is hosting booksignings in October with Isaac Mizrahi and Carmindy from TLC’s What Not To Wear.

Isaac Mizrahi will be signing on Tuesday, October 28th

Carmindy will be signing on Saturday, October 11th
I am really excited about Isaac Mizrahi. Our signings are usually in the evenings at around 7pm and I get off work at 4, so I rarely hang around for them, even if it someone I really love. But I am definitely going to camp out for this one!
I don’t wear makeup so I won’t be picking up Carmindy’s book (unless I get if for free), but the signing is during the afternoon (around 2, I think). If I am scheduled to work, I will make sure to walk through that area of the store to check it out.
Other What Not to Wear folks with books coming out:

17. Shop Your Closet

The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Closet with Style
by Melanie Charlton Fascitelli
started 4/5 finished 4/15

I don’t know why I continue to read organizing books, closet organizing books in particular. I live in an apartment and can’t make any major changes structurally to the space or the money to buy lots of special boxes from the Container Store (no offense to them, I love them). In our store this is shelved in the Home Management section. It belongs in the Appearance section with the other style books, because the focus was on building a good wardrobe and then placing it in a well organized space. The author owns a closet organizing business in New York and knows what shes talking about it, but the book was too all over the place for me. Browse through it at the bookstore before you buy it.*

*Bookseller’s note: After browsing, if you decide not to buy it please don’t leave it in the chair. Either reshelve it or bring it to Customer Service and we will do it for you. Oh, and don’t leave your coffee cup and granola bar wrappers in the chair either, we do have trashcans.

16. Eccentric Glamour

Creating an Insanely More Fabulous You
by Simon Doonan
started 4/5 finished 4/15

I was so excited when I heard this book was coming out. I love Simon Doonan!! As the Creative Director for Barneys New York, he is an expert on personal style. For years people would go to Barneys just to see the innovative, smart, and sometimes controversial window displays he created. Especially at Christmas.

It seems that after seeing the crotch of one too many starlets as they get in and out of vehicles, he has had enough of the style direction this country is headed in. He is tired of the “ho chic” looks and wants to help all of us stand out from the crowd while still maintaining a sense of decorum.

The best part of any Simon Doonan book is his intelligent wit. Sometimes while reading him you feel like you are sitting right next to him during New York Fashion Week, ragging on all the people around you.

Two stand-outs from the book:

  • Interviews with people who Doonan feels best exemplify Eccentric Glamour, including Iman, Tilda Swinton, and, surprisingly, author Malcolm Gladwell.
  • Doonan addresses the distinct style of African-American women and what we bring to the table fashion wise.