1. The Friday Night Knitting Club

by Kate Jacobs

started 12/30/07 finished 1/5/08

I am not a knitter, but nobody writes good novels about crocheting, so…. Anyways, yarn is yarn, right? I haven’t really felt like like reading anything lately what with the holidays winding down and the New Years changes in my mind. I picked up a lot of books and put them down without finishing them until this one caught my eye.

Georgia Walker is a single mother raising her biracial preteen daughter Dakota above the yarn shop she owns, Walker and Daughter, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. After a few customers began hanging around the shop wanting pointers on their knitting projects, an informal club was born. The women who form the group are of all different abilities: Anita – the wealthy widow and master knitter; Peri – the part-time employee and handbag designer who gives up law school against her West Indian parents wishes; KC – recently laid off from her job in publishing and never manages to finish anything; Darwin – the not-so-perfect Chinese daughter who visits the group while writing a paper on outmoded women’s traditions; and many more.

Each of these women is changed dramatically during the book because of and in spite of the club. The ending was sort of unexpected and quite moving. And the yarn descriptions are mouth watering!! If you are not a knitter, but love books about the strength of women friendships then you will be satisfied. There are even websites to support the book: Walker and Daughter and The Friday Night Knitting Club.