F**K The Emmys

I recently completed watching the fifth and last season of The Wire, thanks to Netflix. And I was so moved by the experience that I have vowed to never watch another Emmy broadcast ever in my life. Even if a show that I really like is nominated. Even if someone I love is nominated. Even if I am nominated. That’s how strongly I feel about it.

Why? Because The Wire, despite being considered by many critics as being one of the best shows in the history of television has only been nominated for an award twice in the Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series. It lost in 2005 to an episode of House. I could write an episode of House. Give someone an obscure disease that no regular doctor can figure out. Make sure that person lives in Boston so they can wind up in the hospital that Dr. House works in. Now for the next 40 minutes have Dr. House scare his staff into figuring out what’s wrong with the patient. While they are working, make sure that Dr. House is somewhere else in the hospital pissing off the bosses, the staff, and the family of the sick person. Right before the person dies have Dr. House run in and save their life. There. Done. Give me an Emmy.

The Wire should have been sweeping the Emmy’s, winning awards left and right, Desperate Housewives style. But they have only been nominated twice for writing. Which they deserved to be, but for all five seasons. Not one nomination for acting, directing, even craft services (cuz you know that filming in Baltimore, they had the crazy seafood buffets).

Maybe I am taking this too personally. Maybe I feel slighted because I feel like I know these people. Maybe Proposition Joe’s Maryland (pronounce Mer-Land) accent made me extremely homesick. Maybe watching The Wire and listening to Wale is just too much DMV (D.C. Maryland Virginia) overload for someone stuck in the Dirrty South.

This was just good television. The writing was real and gritty and even funny at times. It was so genius that the lines between the good guys and the bad guys were often blurred, forcing you to think really hard about whose side you were on. The acting was superb, considering the number of previously unknown and untried actors on the show. The storylines focused on the illegal urban drug trade and law enforcement. But the secondary stories covering politics, the newspaper business, education, and the docks taught me about those industries while entertaining me.

So, in response to the snubbing of The Wire by the Emmy’s, I will be snubbing them. I won’t even watch the red carpet arrivals. I’ll just catch the dresses in People Magazine the next week. If I miss any especially good hosting or acceptance speeches, let me know and I will find them on You Tube later. For now, f**k ’em!

”It’s like them never giving a Nobel Prize to Tolstoy,” said Jacob Weisberg, editor-in-chief of the Slate Group and a correspondent for Slate.com. ”It doesn’t make Tolstoy look bad, it makes the Nobel Prize look bad.”

Random Thoughts

  • Stephen Carter dropped by our store to sign copies of his book. I was way too excited and fawned all over him. He handled it like the extremely poised Yale law professor that he his and didn’t let it show that I was freaking him out.
  • The Italian Vogue saga. Those of us who regularly read fashion content on the internet have known that this special issue featuring all Black models was coming out for a few months now. When we started getting calls at my store about it in early June, our inventory manager called one of the magazine buyers for our chain to request additional copies. Our normal draw is 2 copies per month. My manager asked for 75-100 instead, assuring them that we could sell them based on the demand we were seeing. We were told that it was too late and that every store would be getting their normal draw. So, for the last few weeks we have been fielding lots of calls (some of them angry; some of them understanding) and we realized that about 95% of the women who wanted this magazine were not going to get it. I even had people in NY and LA looking out for copies for me, because since we were only getting 2, employees couldn’t buy them. They finally came in last Friday (on my day off) and they sold within an hour. One man just happened to be in the store when they arrived and he bought a copy. Then, there is this woman who calls literally every day (since we could never give her an exact date for their arrival; and we weren’t holding copies) and they told her we had one copy left. She hopped in her car and came over, calling every few minutes on her cell to make sure it was still here. When she finally made it to the store and bought the copy she held it over her head in victory and all the staff applauded!! Sista worked for that magazine!! On Tuesday I was sitting in my office (watching the clock) when one of my co-workers came and said that we got in more Italian Vogue. He is kind of a joker and I thought he was playing. I went into the stockroom and saw all these people standing around some boxes – we got in an extra 90 copies!!!!!!! We knew that Conde Nast was reprinting 10,000 copies, but we though that they were being distributed to the NYC area. I got a copy (with Liya Kibade on the cover) after getting permission from the manager on duty and spent my grocery money for the week. (Please send ramen noodles, asap). We haven’t had this much stress and excitement in our store since the last Harry Potter!

I thought I had more random thoughts to share, but I guess not!

Last Meme of the Day

Here is another meme floating around on the blogosphere and since I am feeling a little charitable with my personal life here goes:

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
I was living in Los Angeles preparing to move back to Atlanta. This involved a small amount of drama that included:

  • a cross-country road trip with 3 women in a ford escort (i think) with no air-conditioning, a scared cat, and only 1 driver (not me – i don’t drive)
  • joy finally losing it in new orleans. well deserved breakdown because she was the only driver
  • arriving in atlanta only to find that the job that was supposed to be waiting for me wasn’t
  • finally getting a new job
  • my mother dying

2. What are 5 things on my to do list today?

As a practicing procrastinator, I don’t really do to-do lists but:

  • do laundry – in progress
  • go see the Sex in the City movie – put off until next week
  • catch up on blogging and blog reading – in progress
  • sew – this is on the list every day and never gets done
  • actually cook dinner from scratch – will do because that is the only way I will eat

3. Snack I enjoy

  • almonds mixed with dried cranberries – by my side right now
  • chili pistachios
  • m & m’s
  • popcorn with Old Bay seasoning

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire

  • for the first couple of months I would travel to Seattle (LaTonja), Los Angeles (Joy), Arizona (Miraval spa), Ghana (Imara)
  • buy a brownstone in Manhattan for my home base
  • Travel, travel, travel around the world for openings of major art exhibits
  • Lots of charitable work in Africa, focusing on empowering women and building wells

5. Places I have lived

  • Washington, DC
  • Tallahassee, Fl
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Atlanta, GA
  • hopefully somewhere new in the next couple of years

6. Jobs I have had (newest to oldest; there seems to be a theme….)

  • Operations Supervisor for a chain bookstore
  • Manager of 2 airport bookstores (different concourses – I was on the people mover all day)
  • Inventory Supervisor for a different chain bookstore
  • Manager of an African American bookstore
  • Customer Service for a local, independently owned bookstore
  • Manager of a different African American bookstore
  • Supervisor in a Fabric Store

I won’t tag anyone but ya’ll can have at it!


So, I have seen this meme on a few blogs and since I love the thought of random visual images I decided to do it.

The concept:

a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.

b. Using only the first page, pick an image.

c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s mosaic maker).

The Questions:

1. What is your first name? Toni

2. What is your favorite food? Crab Cakes

3. What high school did you go to? H.D. Woodson Sr. High (the photo is an aerial shot of my school!)

4. What is your favorite color? Loden green

5. Who is your celebrity crush? Duh, Jesse L. Martin

6. Favorite drink? Acai Juice

7. Dream vacation? Morocco

8. Favorite dessert? Apple pie

9. What you want to be when you grow up? Retired

10. What do you love most in life? Myself

11. One Word to describe you. Smart

12. Your flickr name Mshoni

You can find other mosaics here: http://flickr.com/groups/801569@N22/

Random Thoughts – 2

One of the great things about getting older is that a lot of things start to make sense. Words and phrases that you have heard all your life and have taken for granted and never questioned become clear. I was listening to Lupe Fiasco’s “I Gotcha” (love Lupe Fiasco – new CD in November!) and he said, “…faster than that hog in the hedges”. Oooohhhh, that animal is like a small pig that lives in hedges and gardens and such.

This is part of the reason that I don’t watch Entertainment Tonight anymore: they reported today the record-breaking amount raised this weekend during the Jerry Lewis Telethon for Muscular Dystrophy. What they didn’t mention at all was when he referred to a family member on the air as an “illiterate fag”. If Isaiah Washington had raised a whole bunch of money for charity (he is building a school in Africa), would they have not run that s**t in the ground like they did?

Finally, for those of you that don’t believe in The Secret or the Law of Attraction, here is proof. The day after I finish working a whole bunch of overtime, the catalogs for Aerosoles and Naturalizer shoes arrive in the mail – both with 20% off coupons. It’s like the Universe knew that I was gonna have the money to buy my fall shoes and acted on my intention to make that happen. There are no coincidences!!!

Random Thoughts

How come the ghosts on The Ghost Whisperer never get mad when Jennifer Love Hewitt translates their messages to the living?

Ghost: Please tell him that I am sorry to have cheated on him with brother.
JLH: She says she is sorry that she caused you so much pain.

That’s not what she said! Is she in so much of a hurry to get them to walk into the light that she has to abbreviate everything?

But the ghosts never protest.